Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lush Face mask Review

Lush- Brazened Honey fresh face mask

Over the weekend I went shopping for a friend’s birthday, the idea was to create an ‘everyday girl’s survival guide to life’ hamper.  I brought a bunch of different items including a fresh cream face mask from Lush.
The actual choice in choosing the flavour of the face mask was quite difficult, after much ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ the sales rep gave me a free sample to take home and try before I gave the gift. I chose the Brazened Honey as this facemask seemed the most neutral for different skin types.
I adore facemasks and usually I create my own at home- The fresher the facemask the better I say!  So I was quite excited to try the facemask when I got home…
The actual product comes in a sophisticated black tub and sells for £5.75 at Lush.
The first thing that gets to you is the smell, despite the name the facemask doesn’t necessarily smell like honey.  It has an overwhelming smell that could have a negative effect on some people but as I’m used to the smell of spices, ginger , coriander etc... I quite liked it. The smell gave the facemask a fresher feel and maybe it’s just me but whilst I was applying it on my face I felt as if I was having a facial in a foreign country.  
The texture on the skin is really refreshing as the facemask itself is quite cool having being refrigerated. It just moisturises and really nourishes the skin. 
After 15 minutes of application, I washed my face only to find my skin was really soft, I’d go as far as to say it was as soft as a baby’s bottom! My face also looks more cleansed and all the redness has disappeared. I’m not sure how long my skin will look this healthy but I’m guessing the effect will only last short term. I would definitely recommend this product for an occasional buy whether it be as a gift or for a sleepover etc.
Before I end this post I’ve just got to say for those who haven’t visited Lush yet please do! The products are amazing and just so fresh! I love to go in there just to sample the products even when I’m not buying as the staff are really friendly and helpful. The shop really does have something for everyone and you’ll find products you’ve never even heard of before. But the best part? They’re just so Green- no not like Martians!  Green as in caring for the environment!  
This has been an extra long post but hopefully you all enjoyed it...  I’d love to hear your opinions on facemasks and speak to you all soon, I hope! =)


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