Sunday, 15 April 2012

Indian weddings!

What to wear at an Asian wedding — more specifically an Indian wedding...
My mum’s cousin recently got married and for those who know- for an Indian wedding this means shopping! I had to buy an outfit and all the accessories, I couldn’t go round to the high street shops I needed a full on Indian dress... long story short… 5 days before the wedding I found the outfit I wanted but the problem came with matching all the accessories..
Luckily the dress had full sleeves so I didn’t need bangles, and the neck was quite beaded so I wouldn’t need to wear a necklace.. The main issue I had was finding matching sandals. I tend to usually wear a lot of gold but this particular outfit was silver and so I needed silver shoes =(..
I am so blessed I live in a street with my cousins… we’ve all been brought up together ( As you can tell I tend to go off on a tangent).. so I just asked around and we found a pair of matching heels! Yayy.. Im really short so heels were necessary!
Overall wedding was Amazing! The hall was huge there was a huge fountain out front and though it rained =(.. we still managed to have a great time!
P.S this photo does not do the dress any justice! Its the most amazing Purple and has sparkly silver beads.. I need to improve on my photography for you guys!

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