Sunday, 15 April 2012

Welcome! =D

Why Hello There! 
I guess I should introduce myself!
I am just your average 18 year old girl, I live in England but have Indian roots... I love everything sparkly, colourful and bright! 
I am a sucker for an amazing story... and have a slight OCD in explaining things to the max.
People always say I tend to explain things that could be summarised in 10 seconds into a 20 minute lecture… what can I do? I like to give some background info!
Hopefully my aim with this blog is to just write and share things which I love with other people whether this may be books, films, clothes or just whatever!  
Also, I love answering questions so if there’s anything you’d like know just ask!
Oh and just to keep you updated on my current situation.. I have exams in like a week, you could say this is my way of procrastinating =).. I know, I know I should do some work but in my defence it is midnight here in England! But then I then I shall be free for the summer as we finish early at Uni (Happy Days!! =D)..
Thanks for reading =)
<3 x                                                                  

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